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Friday, June 30, 2006


Guess who stopped by the tie blog yesterday? None other than Gene Meyer, tie designer extraordinaire, the tie maestro, the tiestro, if you will (though I'll understand if you won't)! He corrected a factual error on my October 22, 2005 entry; I've posted a correction there, but I will reiterate it here: Chris Coleman never worked for Gene Meyer. The similarity of his ties to Gene Meyer ties is a result of copying the style, not of having personally worked with or learned from Mr. Meyer.

Today I wore another Stradivari by Park Lane tie. It is not an original necktie made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Italy, between 1680 and 1737, but is a more recent copy.

This tie represents a real labor of love. When I got it, it had a massive stain on the front. So I spent a few sessions treating it with stain remover, then I put it through three rounds in the washing machine (it's not silk), then I did some intense ironing to flatten out the lining, which had gotten all bunched up in the washer. It's still not perfect, but good enough to wear once!

I have finally gotten around to listing a new batch of ties for sale on ebay, most of them former blog features.


ExHack said...

BV -

I'm very happy to report that I'm now officially a Gene Meyer owner. An eBay reseller had a pretty cool GM tie with a large faint waterstain, sold as-is. It didn't help that they also gummed it up by getting the edge of the facing caught in the adhesive used to seal the packaging material, but it's been cleaned, is quite serviceable, and eminently stylish. (I also recently bought an extremely cool Acme business-card case featuring a Gene Meyer design, which I now flaunt at every opportunity.)

Burl Veneer said...

All right! Yes, the deals are out there if you look for them, and if you're willing to do some restoration. I know exactly the card case you got, I love those Acme accessories. Thanks for the update!


Saltygal said...

I usually peek in once or twice a week but I've been busy and what happened?
1.I missed your sale:( 2.No one bought this beauty HUBERT MILANO TIE mod circle forms.:) Will it go in the next one? can a purchase be arranged? I love your blog. My husband rarely wears a tie and so I get my fix reading your blog, it's great.

Burl Veneer said...

Hi, sorry you missed the sale, but I've relisted the Hubert Milano tie with a buy-it-now for you. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am the happy owner of a couple hundred Gene Meyer ties and am wondering if there is any source which identifies his entire tie output. Thanks.