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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flag day

The real significance of today's date is that it's my daughter's birthday (she's nine today), but some people also celebrate Flag Day today. So for Flag Day (and my daughter, who has always liked the flag of the United States of America because they share a birthday), I wore a special red, white, and blue paisley tie by Giorgio Redaelli. It even has a bonus shade of blue in it! Nonetheless, it was greeted with universal disappointment at the office, where everyone apparently expected me to wear a red-and-white striped shirt and a wild(er) tie. (I don't know where they got the idea that I would wear something like that.) But my daughter liked it, as did my dad and the other parents at her birthday party, so it all came out okay.

This is the last tie I will wear before my vacation which begins tomorrow, and on which I will not be wearing ties. But never fear, I will post some archival photos from the road for your viewing pleasure, and I'll be back on June 26 with a new tie. Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Dude,the people in your office probably expected you to wear red pants, a blue shirt, and a white tie.