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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Light in Winter

(2/2:) Ain't it funny how time slips away? Here's my tie from last Monday (Jan. 22), a homemade item from 1970 or so. What wonderful fabrics abounded in those days! I wore this tie in anticipation of Ithaca's Light In Winter festival, which was held over the past weekend. I got to fulfill a wish that had been simmering on my mind's back burner for about 25 years, which was to see Pilobolus Dance Theater. I don't know a thing about dance, but the manner in which the Pilobolus dancers cantilever, roll, leap, hang, and interact in a myriad of other ways is fascinating. It was a glorious night out with the kids at the fabulous State Theatre, I just hope Pilobolus comes back again: I want to see them perform their piece Megawatt, which features music by Squarepusher!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beau Brummell's Back!

Here we are halfway through January, and I've just now worn my second tie of the year; at this rate I'll never get through them! I'd better pick up the pace again (though it looks like turtleneck-and-wool-sweater weather for the next week). Beau Brummell returns to the tie blog today, with a 1950-ish ink-and-watercolor-style floral pattern. The upper part of the tie is a dark wine color, appropriately enough as bunches of grapes form its bottom border. Between each bunch of grapes is a curious little symbol (click the pic for a better look) that looks like it could be zodiacal, but I can't find a match; it's closest to the symbol for Uranus, but modified to look more like... well, I won't go there, I'll just say it could qualify for one of these naughty awards.

Do you wish you could listen to old video game music instead of "real" music? If so, then check out the treasure trove of new music on old machines at, most available as free .mp3 downloads!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

I start off the new year with...another tie from the top of the box! This is a corporate tie by German corporate clothier Art di Como. The activities of a company presumably called AMF/APF (both are on the tie) are depicted with a decidedly European cartoon whimsicality. Strangely, though, none of the companies on the client list are called AMF or APF, so I really don't know anything about the company for which this tie was designed, except that they apparently bottle beverages, or make bottling equipment, or distribute or serve bottled beverages; they use or make PCs; they conduct their business in quaint-looking European buildings; they may also make or use CDs and/or vinyl LPs; and I don't even know what to make of the things that look like bongs, maybe they make beakers or something. Regardless of its incomprehensibility, this is one lively corporate tie.

My family rang in the New Year with an Ithaca tradition of recent vintage: watching the lights in the Ithaca College towers change from "06" to "07". Best of all, we can see it from our living room!