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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Gustav-Klimt-by-way-of-Heinz-Edelmann-looking print is brought to you by Pierre Cardin.


Doesn't this tie make you want to have a picnic? The cotton fabric is more suited to a picnic blanket or perhaps an apron, but some whimsical soul thought of making a tie out of it. The John Weitz label indicates that it is probably meant for country club or resort wear. Yes, it's gaudy, but it sure does make people smile.

I Touch Roses

This particular entry in Martin Wong's Screenplay line (designed by Robert Taliver) looks farther back than the Art Deco inspiration of the rest of range, showing strong echoes of the Art Nouveau roses of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Back under the microscope

Abstract shapes, or lethal bloodborne pathogens? If it's the latter, I trust the white blood cells in the background to keep me safe. This polyester tie by Canda has about the silkiest luster of any synthetic I've handled.