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Monday, June 05, 2006

Emilio Max

The label has fallen off of this vintage tie, so I can't tell you the maker. The style looks like an effort to imitate both Emilio Pucci and Peter Max, though it lacks the fine balance and grace that those gentlemen brought to their neckties. I have the same tie in a different colorway, and it might still have the label on it, but it's getting rather difficult to find a particular tie in the necktie jungle of the bedroom. In other words, I couldn't immediately find it (as in that journalistic chestnut, "Phone calls to the accused were not immediately returned."). I should invest in some retail merchandising racks.

Today I had lunch with a group of people from work (including my boss, and his boss; no pressure there!) and I got to talk about my necktie hobby at some length. I explained that I have a wide variety of ties, from wild, psychedelic models to more traditional, conservative ties like this one. Ba-dum! No, I didn't really say that, I didn't think of it until afterwards. If I could come up with the good lines on the spot, I'd be on the teevee. But instead I just walk around thinking "I should've said...", lacking the compunction to recreate the scenario a la George Costanza in "The Comeback." (Emo Phillips had a great "should've said" joke, which you can read here.)

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