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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine

Every vintner should have its own line of neckties. This one is called "Chant de Vigne," and was made by Ichthys of France for Pommery Champagne in a limited edition of 500. It features red grapes, green and purple grape leaves, and yellow butterflies on an astoundingly rich royal blue background, and bears a passing resemblance (including top-notch materials and construction) to the fine neckties of Leonard of Paris. Nice. Thanks once again to my daughter for the photo!

"Bottle of Wine," my own favorite chant de vigne, was a huge hit for the Fireballs in 1967, and can still be heard on oldies stations today. It was written by Tom Paxton and recorded by both Judy Collins and The Kingston Trio before the Fireballs got around to it, but I've never heard those earlier renditions. I bet they don't have that croaking baritone that makes the Fireballs' version so much fun, though. (The Fireballs are still performing, with two original members.)

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