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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am now at Liberty to disclose...

Another Liberty of London tie! Who designed Liberty's signature floral textiles? Arthur Liberty did not disclose that information; in the art nouveau era he went for quantity, embracing mass production and affordable prices, as opposed to one-of-a-kind objets d'art and their attendant high costs. (He also favored botanical designs over those depicting the human body.) But now we can know, if not who designed which design, at least a short list of designers who might have: see this page at The Arts and Crafts Home website (and search for "textile"). I am especially impressed with Silver Studio of Hammersmith, London, a family business that provided Liberty with designs from 1880 to 1963. The Silver Studio Design Practice Collection at the Middlesex University Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture contains 40,000 textile designs on paper; I'd bet a lot of them showed up on neckties. (Maybe this one!)

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