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Friday, October 21, 2005

Not what it looks like

Update 6/29/06: Chris Coleman never worked for Gene Meyer. This is according to Gene Meyer himself (see comment #2 attached to this post). Chris Coleman ties are nothing more than Gene Meyer knock-offs. My original post follows.

You will be excused for thinking this is a Gene Meyer tie. It's not, but the designer, Chris Coleman, used to work for Gene Meyer, and obviously absorbed some of his design sensibilities (even down to the polka-dotted tipping). Coleman's line of ties was produced by the Harmony Ball Company, whose primary business is cutesy figurines and home decor. They had a good thing going with these ties, though, too bad they stopped making them. Their Shakatiki vessels are pretty cool, at least.


shar said...

What is the truth behind Chris Coleman working for Gene Meyer? I've heard contradicting stories. Thanks, Shar

Anonymous said...

Dear Burl
Just to set the record straight - Chris Coleman never worked for me
and I'am tired of this rumor continuing to spread.
This is simply a case of being knocked off.
I appreciate all the nice things you've said about my ties.
Do you know know anything about Chris Coleman ?
Yours truly,
Gene Meyer

Burl Veneer said...

Well there we have it, right from the source! I am greatly honored to have Gene Meyer as a visitor, but shamefaced that the visit was to correct a piece of misinformation that I perpetuated. My guess is that the rumor started on ebay, where rules prohibit listing a brand name in the auction title other than the brand of the actual item for sale. So if you can make a "legitimate" case to include Mr. Meyer's name in the title of a Chris Coleman tie auction, you'll get more hits on the tie (through name searches) and seemingly adhere to ebay's rules. To answer Mr. Meyer's question, no, I don't know anything about Chris Coleman, now that what I thought I knew has been proven false.

But most of all, thank you for designing such wonderful ties!