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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Guitar man

This tie by Daniel of Milano (Hubert's brother?) features a Viola da Gamba (precursor of the whole violin/cello family) and a tricked-out guitar that owes something to the Cubists. Note the busy, leafy jacquard weave, and the rococo "V" at the bottom. What is the V for? I don't know! An "R" and a "D" appear, one on top of the other, way up in the under-the-collar region, but I don't know if either one belongs with the "V"; it's all so frustratingly mysterious. If only I could decipher the Cubist Guitar Code...

My hometown of Greenbelt, Maryland, is also the home of the resurrected Hallmark Guitars brand of electric guitars. They must be pretty good (they sure look good), because look at all these people who play them. Blue Oyster Cult--score! More cowbell! If you want to look at some more beautiful electric guitars, check out the Girl Brand Guitars website. Or if you want to see more Viola da Gambas (Violas da Gamba?), then here's a bunch.

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