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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hydrangeas or lotus seed pods?

Here's a Robert Daskal tie, hand painted by Karina Alicio. I can't decide if those are hydrangeas or lotus seed pods; the color would indicate the former, but the sculpted quality is more similar to the latter. In the Hindu religion, the blossoming of the lotus flower symbolizes the opening up of the soul; there is a sequence of pictures of the lotus in successive stages of bloom on this page. Way back in the 80's, Lotus was also synonymous with "spreadsheet"; apparently 1-2-3 lives on as part of the Lotus SmartSuite, owned by IBM. I've never met anyone who uses that, though.

I wasn't able to find any greater significance for hydrangeas, though they could symbolize either instability or friendship, depending on whom you believe. But fans of the Spong Monkeys will recognize them from the backdrop of the "We Like the Moon" video (2003). That's a silly song; but the most beautiful (and little-known) moon song ever is "We Love the Moon" by Royal Family and the Poor, from the album of the same name. An even better version, extended and more fully orchestrated, appeared on the Four from the Madding Crowd compilation album from Third Mind records. I don't think that's been reissued on CD, but all of the Royal Family and the Poor albums have, and they are all worth having.

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