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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heeeeere's Johnny!

Johnny Carson was not only the quintessential late-night talk show host, he was also a clothing designer. Well, sort of--he had his own line of clothing, but he didn't actually design it. The Johnny Carson line was known for its sportiness, and the turtlenecks were especially popular. There were scads of neckties as well, with no discernible unifying style, except that Johnny liked them. The Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center in Johnny's home town of Norfolk, Nebraska, houses a Johnny Carson exhibit, and the gift shop has several neckties personally donated by Johnny for sale (at the bottom of this page). My favorites are #2 and #13. At $100 apiece they are quite pricey, but the proceeds benefit the museum. Of course, you can find Johnny Carson ties much cheaper on ebay. This particular tie has pleasant rust and cream colored flowers with like-colored "stems" (in quotes because they're not actually connected to the flowers) on a rich blue background, which is covered with black "crackling" somewhere in between batik and mosaic in appearance. (This is another detail that you'll have to click on the picture to see, in the larger version.) Celebrity neckties are a mixed bag, but there were some winners in Johnny's line.

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