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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My birthday suit

Happy birthday to me! Yes, today was my birthday, so whatever I wore today can truthfully be called my birthday suit, and here it is. This sublimely ridiculous tie featuring wedges of blue and pink cake (blue cake, mmmmmm) is called "Sweeter Days, " by Chereskin. After seeing this tie I was not surprised to learn that Ron Chereskin began his career as a magazine illustrator, since the design looks very magazine illustrationish. Not to mention dated--when was the last time someone could get away with a tie design like this? 1978, maybe? Still, it's not as old as I am, and I'm not telling that (but in Roman numerals it's XL). I've still got many tie-wearing years ahead of me; I estimate I should be able to display at least 5,000 more fanciful ties here, so check back often!

(The shirt is from Express by way of Rugged Wearhouse, who once in a while let some grown-up clothes slip onto the racks.)

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