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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Verner Panton: Geometri 1

Now it's time to mention Verner Panton (1926-1998), Danish design master and creator of the definitive textile pattern of the Mod Era: Geometri 1. Created in 1960, this was Panton's first textile design! Fabrics in this pattern were produced and marketed by Unika Vaev; one such product was sheer curtains, for which the pattern was also known as "Bobinet." I grew up in a house with these sheers in the dining room; seeing this pattern every day for ab out fifteen years, I never grew tired of it, rather I kept marvelling at the pleasant aesthetic effect of its geometric precision. There's a picture of the sheers on the Verner Panton website, but it's a Flash site so I can't link directly to it. To see the curtains, start the Flash app; click the "Fabric" icon (bottom row, second from the right), then click the Geometri 1 thumbnail, then (finally) click the "see variations" button. Look at all of his other wonderful designs while you're there.

I found the tie at K & G Fashion Superstore, of all places. It's by Renzo, the pattern is woven (not printed), and it's incredibly well made for a discount store tie. I would have preferred a perpendicular orientation rather than diagonal, but that's just a quibble. I am thrilled to have a tie related to such an influential visual presence in my life. Another keeper! is full of nifty geometric Flash animations, including one that rearranges the Geometri design elements at the click of a mouse, in seemingly endless variations. Acme Studios makes a whole line of Geometri accessories, but they are easier to view on the Unica Home website, along with a whole bunch of Panton-designed home furnishings. And finally, Geometri textiles are back in production, from US firm Maharam!

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