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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crayon vomit

That's what my wife calls these ties, and I've got to admit she's right on the money. It's as if someone ate a whole 64-color pack of crayons and then, well, un-ate them onto a tie before they had a chance to mix together. But brilliant! This is printed and not hand marbled, but there must have been an original hand-marbled piece from which to create the print. And who knows (do you? If so, please tell me!), maybe that original really was made from melted crayons. I especially like the way the colors remain discrete and don't all run together; there are so many aspects to the pattern, it is fertile ground for extended visual exploration. I think I'll look at it some more right now.

This tie has a label on the back proclaiming, "Specially Hand Made By Pat." Pat must have bought the fabric somewhere; can you picture a whole roll of this stuff?! It seems there was once an era when women made ties for their husbands, ties which were worn lovingly throughout the years, ultimately to outlive their owners and be passed along through an estate sale and eventually end up on ebay to be bought by some tie nut. Thank you, Pat.

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