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Saturday, September 10, 2005

This Land Is My Land

My Steven Land tie, that is. Most Steven Land ties are too gaudy for me, but this one is my kind of gaudy. I like the subtle modulation in the wavy stripe pattern: a pair of 7-stripe blocks with brown on the outside alternating with a pair of 5-stripe blocks with white on the outside. This zebra-like pattern might provide good camouflage on the savannah, but in an office environment it does quite the opposite. Speaking of zebras, that reminds me of an anecdote: I once saw a tigerskin-patterned tie on ebay, which the seller had listed as "golden zebra." D'oh!

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chuck said...

i applied for a job at steven land and he wrote me back offering an interview.. then i actually looked at what he made.. what a beautiful catastrophe. then i found your page. thanks for the breath of fresh aire.