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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fish Week! Day 1: Grace Newburger

Sometimes I accumulate several ties of a particular category, but I never get around to wearing them because I can't decide which one to wear first. So I'll have a theme week and wear all of them (or five, at least). So this week is Fish Week! To kick off Fish Week I wore a tie entitled "Cool Creek," based on a watercolor painting by New Orleans artist Grace Newburger. Grace has created many neckties based on her paintings, a large sampling of which can be seen here. The ties fall into four general thematic categories: nature, New Orleans life, mythology, and homages to other artists (I had a great Klimt-inspired tie called "Cod's Eye"). Look for her initials sprinkled throughout the tie.

According to Grace's website, her studio was struck by lightning and burned down in August 2003. I can only hope she did not suffer another great loss during the Hurricane Katrina flooding. I've sent an email to the contact address listed on the site, but have not heard back. I'll give an update here if I hear anything.

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Anonymous said...

As a personal friend of Grace, I can tell you that they suffered some damage at the studio, however, nothing quite so devastating as the city of New Orleans itself.

Grace is well and safe, and working on new paintings.