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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fish Week Day 3: Andrew's Ties

This flamboyantly-colored tie, featuring yet another species of angelfish, is from Andrew's Ties of Milano, the fashion capital of Italy (not to be confused with Milan, which is the English name for the same city). Founded in 1991 (as part of parent company Zadi Srl), the company manufactures its own ties and sells them through over 70 retail franchises worldwide, including two in the US (New York and Philadelphia) and one in London. There is also a US-based online store. (Each retail location is supposed to have over 6,000 different designs, but there are just a few conservative designs to choose from on the website.)

I could not find a blue shirt of the right shade to give a proper underwater background to this tie, so instead I went all-out with this genuine London rainbow shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt. The cashier at the grocery store asked me if this was a costume for the current theater production, but most people who know me are used to my extravagances by now, and that they are "for real."

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