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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fish Week Day 2: Tina Bromberg

This tie is from the Tina Bromberg Collection from Bert Pulitzer's XMI Neckwear. In addition to textiles, Tina also paints (canvases and wooden bowls) and designs rugs, all in vibrant colors and all fabulous.

Angelfish (the Pterrophylum genus of the Cichlidae family of fish; the yellow ones here) are possibly one of the most painted & drawn genera of fish, due to their extravagant and distinctive shape and their bold, simple markings. The other fish are generic black and red fish, for which I believe the scientific terms are Piscis nigrum and Piscis rufus, respectively.

Note how the background color changes from green to red near the top of the blade, so that the knot is a different color from the main part of the tie. It's a nice effect, and is the entire raison d'etre of The Fortier Tie Company. Robert Fortier has solved the striped-tie-bi-directionality problem: the mechanics of tie knotting mean that the stripes on a tied tie go in different directions on the blade and knot. (Hmm... Is that a problem?) But with a striped Fortier Tie, they will go in the same direction!

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