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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Tie: Collective Farming

Boxelder produced a series of four ties based on Soviet Art; this one is entitled "Collective Farming". And what better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a tie depicting workers who own the means of production laboring together for the common good? The great tragedy of Soviet Communism is that far from being the worker's paradise it was sold as, it was merely another corrupt dictatorship dressed up in labor platitudes, and as such it has tainted Americans' perceptions of socialism and labor movements to this day.

I live in Greenbelt, Maryland, where Labor Day is a Big Deal. Greenbelt Homes, Inc. is one of the largest and oldest cooperative housing developments in the country; our local grocery store and cafe are co-ops as well, with ownership spread throughout the community. The original Elementary School (now the Community Center) is even adorned with socialist-themed bas-reliefs. The Labor Day Festival goes from Friday night through Monday; this year's is the 51st Annual Festival, and features musical entertainment from Herman's Hermits (the one with Peter Noone, not the other one) and Peter Tork's (of the Monkees) Shoe Suede Blues, among others. Long live the weekend, brought to you by the labor movement!

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