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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Culture Club

Ooooohhh... I am now a member of the Culture Club, now that I have a genuine Cultural Tie. In 2000, London art dealer Kapil Jariwala commissioned 77 artists to design one necktie each for an exhibit called "Cultural Ties" at his Westzone Gallery. Each tie was produced in a limited edition of 300 and sold through selected retail outlets, with the proceeds benefitting UNICEF. There is a book that contains pictures of all the ties; there used to be a website with all the ties on it, but danged if I can find it now, it must have disappeared down a memory hole. These fabulous ties have always been out of my financial reach, but-- my dear expatriate sister-in-law and her poker-shark husband sent me one all the way from Old Blighty for my birthday! Yippee! It even has a numbered certificate of authenticity! This tie by UK artist Noel Forster has overlapping curved lattices in four different colors on a bright white background, a great melding of traditional geometry, industrial design, and festive colors. Right on! Some of Noel Forster's other artworks can be seen here, here, here, and here. One down, 76 to go... ;-)

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