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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Big Lebowski

"That rug really tied the room together." Thus spake The Dude (Jeff Bridges), slacker extraordinaire (or "uberslacker" in the parlance of the hour) in the Coen brothers' 1998 comedy The Big Lebowski, referring to the rug stolen from his apartment by debt-collecting goons in a case of mistaken identity. And thus it is with this iridescent, multi-hued, rib-woven necktie by knitwear innovators Missoni. What to do if you want to wear forest green pants, a purple shirt, and a blue sportcoat together? Wear a tie with all those colors in it, to "tie the room together," as it were. Even so, the yellow in the tie went unmatched; a yellow pocket square would have remedied that, but that's a little extreme (even for me). Or perhaps yellow spats... Alas, photographing shiny, color-shifting ties is a skill that still eludes me; I can offer only the pale rendition at right, only a hint at its true vibrancy. (The problem is not unique to me; in 1998 I wore a shiny plaid silk-blend sportcoat on Jeopardy! It played havoc with the TV cameras, appearing as if it were constantly in motion, and leaving a nasty burnt-looking afterimage whenever the camera moved. So I'm in good company.) (I lost that game, but at least I already had one win under my belt.) Later, dude!

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