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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gail Mackenzie

Master (and alas, former) marbler Gail Mackenzie was kind enough to visit the Tie Blog last week, and there I was without one of her ties on display! So here is one from the archives, a highly distinctive marbled pattern (that I don't know the name of, I can't find anything like it in Galen Berry's list of marbling examples; a modified fishtail, maybe?) in black and white and wonderful blues. Feast your eyes!


Anonymous said...

Saturday just purchased a; Gail Mackenzie, Hand Marbled Tie. The quality and craftsmanship are so beautiful, three people tried to buy it off of me as I am wearing it today. Is there a place that sells more of these ties? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How nice to be remembered! I invented that pattern and darned if I can recall what I called it. I did two runs of hand made lines and then crossed it with a 2 inch pin width comb and left to right and then offset the comb by 1/4 quarter inch and did the same pass right to left. Never letting the 2 lines touch.
I only saved 3 ties from the 75,000 that I made. I see them on Ebay every so often.

Burl Veneer said...

What a fantastic design! And... 75,000 ties?! That is amazing! I should try to get some more.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a note, Gail, it is wonderful to hear from you. :-)


Gallery said...

We carry Gail's Tie's - please feel free to contact us at The Gallery At Cedar Hollow. We are on the web We don't have her ties for sale on the web just yet, but can send pictures if you would like.

Gail please take a moment and contact us as well.

Thank you!