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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Everyday is Halloween

(Yes, that is a Ministry reference. Personally, I always preferred the dance-y, "sellout" version of the band to the angry noise version. I saw the angry noise version at Cignel in Baltimore; all I remember is that they played behind a chain-link fence, and I got kicked in the head (while standing up!). And they didn't play "Work For Love"! :-( )

OK, not every day is Halloween, but today was! Not having a bona fide Halloween tie, I chose this one since it has the two colors of pumpkins in it. (Orange and green, you know.) The tie is "Le Chevron, all silk," from 1972 plus or minus five years. The variably-spaced parallel lines have a bit of an op art effect, but a little more tame. Maybe I'll find something more scary for next Halloween. (You might find tomorrow's tie scary...)

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