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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Garden camouflage

Regular camouflage is okay if you're hunting for deer or ducks, but what if you're hunting for hummingbirds or gnomes? Wear a regular camo suit in a flower garden and you might as well be wearing a sequined jumpsuit. That's where this tie from Montagu of Paris comes in handy: the colors will blend in perfectly with lupines, marigolds, tulips, pansies, and other flower garden stalwarts, while the jacquard weave gives off a dappled-sunlight effect for even better concealment. I won't tell you how many gnomes I bagged today; I'll just say my freezer is now full. (Just kidding! I'm strictly a catch-and-release gnome hunter.)

Happy Thanksgiving! I won't be wearing a tie on my days off from work, but check back on the weekend for a special tie from the vault.

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