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Monday, November 14, 2005

Mymsical tie

This necktie is at once mystical and whimsical, hence mymsical. (I decided against whystical because it's too close to wistful, which this tie is not.) The background is the color of a midnight sky, alternating between black and deep purple, and is populated with a galaxy of small spirals, squares, triangles, stars, and flowers along with a few large, weird planetoids. The glyph-sized shapes remind me of a magickal alphabet, such as the Enochian alphabet of Elizabethan mage Dr. John Dee. So that's why it's mystical; as for why it's whimsical, well just look at it! (Preferably the larger picture that you can get by clicking on the small one at left.) Somebody had a lot of fun drawing it, and it's fun to look at. The whole mymsical effect puts me in mind of the works of Marc Chagall; like this one, for example. The tie is from Maison Imperial of France, it's a little on the narrow side and probably from the '80s. I don't recall a lot of whimsical mysticism from those years, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. So let that be a lesson: don't forget to look for mymsy!

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