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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why most ties are made of silk

Most ties are made of silk because the act of tying a tie requires a wide piece of fabric to pass through a narrow opening in a knot, and the best fabric for that is something slippery like silk, not something with a long nap that will stick to itself, like the terribly toothy synthetic fabric of today's tie. It took several tries to tie it, as it kept getting bunched up during the final pull-through. The tie lacks any labels and is probably homemade; no professional tie maker would inflict this amount of frustration on the tie-wearing public at large. But that also means no one else has a tie like this one! The palette is pure Pucci, while the design is pure Pucci wannabe. I wonder what other items were made of or covered with this fabric, and whatever happened to them over the next thirty-odd years. Feel free to post any vintage fabric sightings in the Comments section.

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