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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Snakes on a Plane!

Today's tie comes from Kangol (don't look for ties on the website, though, there aren't any), the brand with the kangaroo logo best known for their hats. Kangol was founded in England in 1938 by Jacques Henry Sergene (nee Jakob Henryk Spreiregen), and was propelled to fame in the US in 1984, when LL Cool J sported a Kangol bucket hat on the cover of his debut album. More recently Kangol hats have been notably spotted on the head of quintessential tough guy Samuel L. Jackson, star of the upcoming summer movie Snakes on a Plane. I saw a trailer for the movie several months ago, and thought it was a joke, but it's for real and is the latest internet craze. Probably the most significant result of the internet ballyhoo is the shooting of new scenes so that Jackson can say, "We got m$#^r-f*@&in' snakes on the m$#^r-f*@&in' plane!" The movie opens August 18; Christa Faust's novelization is already out. I doubt I will see or read it, for as an Onion article from some years back put it, I'm only into things I actually like anymore, and would rather spend the time watching or reading something good than being amused at something bad. Usually.

Update: I found the Onion article, here it is.

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