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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pierre Cardin

This Pierre Cardin "Modèle Déposé" (registered pattern) necktie exemplifies the European Deco style of the 1970s, and also provides a marked contrast to the luxury ties of today. Today's luxury ties (Charvet, Ike Behar, Duchamp) are luxurious by virtue of the lustrous silk they're made of, but they are usually woven in very plain patterns and rely on a color contrast between the warp and weft threads to create a shimmer. (Duchamp is a notable exception, with many interesting weave patterns and exciting color combinations, and seems to be influencing other tie makers lately.) This vintage tie is woven in an imaginative jacquard weave, and a pattern is then printed onto the fabric; the fine detail indicates screen printing rather than block printing. I think it would go best with a double-breasted suit, on a yacht, in the Mediterranean.

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