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Monday, May 08, 2006

Satellite of Love

(Alluding to the mostly nonsensical Lou Reed song.) What are the tiny figures all over this tie? Mrs. Veneer's guess was "eggs and meat cleavers," but that's not it. They are communication satellites! Today I step into the world of the corporate tie, ties meant to be worn by a company's employees, as opposed to ties meant for regular folks to wear to promote a company (e.g. Tabasco, Absolut). If made by a collectible tie maker, corporate ties can be the most valuable of all due to their limited availability; I saw a paint company tie by Herm├Ęs fetch around $300 on ebay. No such luck with this one for Eutelsat, as the maker is anonymous, though the quality is top-notch. Eutelsat owns and operates a network of 24 satellites (with more planned), covering much of the world with television broadcasts, broadband internet, mobile phone service, and whatever else they can do with satellites.

Here's a closer look at the pattern:

I have enough corporate ties now to do a theme week, but I decided not to, because they're not good enough to wear for a whole week. So, back to "normal" tomorrow.

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