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Monday, May 22, 2006

Boxelder Week, Day 1: Paul Klee

Boxelder, Inc., of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the industry standard for the tasteful reproduction of fine art and design on neckties. Paul Klee returns to the blog with Boxelder's rendition of his 1922 painting, Unstable Equilibrium. (I have further destabilized its equilibrium by wearing it with a multistriped London shirt.) They've played with the original colors; the purist in me shouts "Bastardization!", while the aesthete shouts back, "Nice colors!" The arrows pointing in all directions make this another good candidate for a "Pointless Forest" tie; maybe writing about that last week is what made me think of wearing this tie in the first place.

This tie is part of the Moderns Series One line. Other works represented in the series are Klimt's The Kiss and Water Serpents I, Matisse's Fleurs de Neige and Les B├Ętes de la Mer, and George Valmier's Decors et Couleurs.

The big news, which is unrelated to neckties but will spill over into this space anyway, is that I am now a blood uncle! I've been an uncle for years, but only on my wife's side of the family. Saturday my brother's wife had a baby, their first, and what a cutie he is! I'm in Maryland and they're in Boston, I've got to find a way to get up there and see the little guy!


Bam said...

Nice , Block-tie , how many Times do you have?

Bam said...

i meant "ties" not "times" (stupid keyboard)

Burl Veneer said...

I have some hundreds of ties; I can never keep an accurate count because I am constantly getting new ones and getting rid of old ones. Thanks for visiting!