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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boxelder Week, Day 4: Dreamings

Given the success of Desert Designs ties based on Australian Aboriginal art (by Jimmy Pike, Doris Gingingarra, and Clifford Possum), it was not unexpected to see other tie makers enter that market. Boxelder's version is the Dreamings series (they're down to just one design now, Snake Dreamings). Today's tie is Fire Dreaming by Chloe Amanita, who is not actually Australian (I think she is French), but she has lived in Australia. As opposed to the Klimt ties which exclude the main subjects of Klimt's works, this tie focuses on the central images, a lizard (probably a goanna) and bird (a malleefowl, I believe). The design is more formal than the Desert Designs ties.

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