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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Rainbow F@#&in' Randolph!

In Danny DeVito's Death to Smoochy (written by Adam Resnick), Robin Williams plays children's show host "Rainbow Randolph." But off the set he is a crass and greedy man, who justifies every bad thing he does by saying, "I'm Rainbow f@#&in' Randolph!" Which is what I can't help saying whenever I put on this shirt! It doesn't get as much wear as my solid-color shirts because it's hard to find non-solid-color ties to go with it. This recently-acquired floral tie by Bernard Chaix of France (with a little touch of Peter Max) goes pretty well; or close enough for government work, as they say. (Did I mention I am a state employee?)

Disclaimer: That "close enough for government work" quip is just a joke; my actual work is performed to the highest standards of accuracy and quality. CMA!



Ooh la love, what a fabulous tie. I love mix matching patterns.

I'm sure you get this too much - it's like me and, "Kristopher? You're Kristopher? Isn't Kristopher a boy's name?" - but how many ties do you own?

Burl Veneer said...

It's impossible to get an accurate count, as more arrive every week, and then there are a lot that don't count because I got them in a lot from ebay that I really bought for one or two particular ties, and then I often sell a bunch; you get the picture. I think there are about 100-150 ties in the "permanent collection," then another few hundred waiting to be worn. Even this vague count will be obsolete tomorrow.

I admit I assumed you were a man; but I have known a woman named Kristopher before (or maybe Christopher, I never saw it written).

If you like mix matching patterns, stay tuned, I've got a doozy planned for this week!