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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Wearing of the Pink

Here it is, St. Patrick's Day, without a green shirt left in the wardrobe, or even a white one. I'm down to blue, pink, and multicolored stripes. Fortunately I have a large inventory of ties, and found a green one with some pink in it to match the pink shirt. This extra-long tie was hand marbled by Galen Berry. I've linked to his definitive marbling website several times when I've worn marbled ties, and now finally I've gotten around to wearing and displaying one of his. Thanks to his 32 Examples of Marbling, I can confidently identify this pattern as "Moiré." I've never seen anyone else do this pattern.

One of the fringe benefits of working for a state university is I get a bit of a spring break; not a whole week like the students get, but two days, which is better than none. I'll post some old favorites from the archives during the break, and then resume real-time ties on Wednesday. Happy Spring!

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