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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Before and after

This weekend edition features a very special tie from my permanent collection and its transformation into a work of fine art. My wife and I were married on February 1, 2003, a second marriage for each of us. We had a small ceremony at my parents' house on Greenbelt Lake, so we were not constrained to dress for church. Mrs. V. wore a gorgeous purple sari, and I wore this Asian-inspired art deco floral tie from Albert Nipon:

(I wore other clothes as well, but it's really only the tie that matters.) The best thing about the internet is the people you meet online. Catherine Gutsche of Ontario stopped by the blog a while back and left a comment which led me to her website of necktie art. Catherine puts a necktie on a canvas, then extrapolates the pattern in paint to cover the whole field. I was very impressed, and at that moment a plan began to form in my mind. Last month, I commissioned Catherine to create a painting from my wedding tie, and after much anticipation it arrived this week:

Wow!!! Isn't that wonderful?! Click on the picture to see a larger version, it's worth it. Make sure to find the tie in the painting (both the large end and the tail end are incorporated) and marvel at the masterful way Catherine has not merely replicated the existing patterns, but has really entered into the spirit of the tie and put the original motifs into new configurations, such as the wavy stalk at the bottom left. I'm especially pleased that she chose to cap off some of the decorative rods (bamboo?); having their cross-section in the painting gives them a solidity that is a nice counterpoint to the delicacy of the flowers and scrollwork. All I can say is, Bravo, Catherine! It easily follows that I wholeheartedly recommend the Catherine Gutsche treatment for any special tie you would like to have immortalized; her contact information is on her website at (click the "Contact" link to initiate an email message).


Laura said...

Hi Burl. I think your blog is excellent, I don't even wear or collect ties. :)

I came across your site submitted to the Fashion Accessories category in The ODP where I'm an editor. This site is now listed. Hope that brings you more traffic once it hits the Google databases. :)

You sound like a lovely, thoughtful man. It was nice meeting you through your ties.

Burl Veneer said...

Laura, thank you so much for the listing, and especially for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.


Will said...

This is REALLY cool! The tie is quite amazing to begin with; I've never seen anything quite like it, and the painting is just WOW!

It makes me tempted to have a painting made, but the problem is that any tie worthy of such treatment, I'm loath to give up. I'll have to think on it for a while.


Kate said...


May I ask you if it is possible to change my URl on your wedding tie page to:

Also I have a request. I'm trying to assemble a catalogue of my paintings and it would be super if I could get a high resolution photo of your painting professionally photographed. You can tell me the cost & we can do a paypal payment. THANKS! Catherine