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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Clouds and rainbows

This tie (of Dacron Polyester, but otherwise unattributed) full of psychedelic clouds also bears some resemblance to Peter Max's "Cosmic '60s" art, and what better shirt to wear a cloud tie with than a rainbow shirt? I don't have any more to add about Peter Max since yesterday, but the clouds remind me of one of the more interesting conspiracy theories I've heard in recent years. Do you remember the US Postal Service's lovely Cloudscapes stamps? Pretty innocuous, huh? Not so! Some of the clouds look exactly like man-made "Chemtrails," and the stamps were put out to condition us into thinking they are normal, and not to worry about the Chemtrails. What are Chemtrails? Some kind of "stuff" that the Powers That Be have been spraying into the atmosphere since 1998. What is it? There are lots of theories, which you can read at the Chemtrails Hall of Shame website. Now me, I'm trying to condition people into thinking that multicolored clouds are natural, and once that's accomplished then...but that would be telling.

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