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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another wedding tie

I had to wear an Emilio Pucci tie today, for reasons I will reveal in due course. So I went into the vault and pulled out a tie for re-wearing (gasp!): the Pucci tie I wore to Mrs. Veneer's sister's wedding three years ago, in England. (Yes, her sister moved to England, and got married just two months after we did. And then later, both sisters had babies six days apart.) The wedding was in St. Mary's Church in Thorpe, Surrey; parts of it are 800 to 900 years old (or more), so that easily qualifies it as the oldest church in which I've ever attended a wedding. Happily, the English contingent is arriving for a visit tomorrow, and the two-year-old cousins will get to see each other again. For next year, we ("Team America," as the Englishman calls us) are planning a trip to their side of the pond. I feel so international. As for the tie, the knot was a bit wonky this morning (pictured), but it straightened itself out during the course of the day.


Mrs. Veneer said...

This has to be my favorite week so far. Beautiful ties!!

I love you!

-Mrs. Veneer

Anonymous said...

So, as some of us who are in serious need of getting a life are gnawing our fingernails in expectation: WHY did you "have to wear a Pucci tie"?

Lovely ties this week; with the wedding theme, could you call them "ties that bind"?