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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The tie bar problem solved!

The reason it took me so long to wear this x'Andrini tie is that it has no keeper on the back, so I would have to wear a tie bar to keep the tail end from swinging out and showing, which it shouldn't. However, the tie is too thick for my tie bar. And I don't like wearing a tie bar anyway, as it breaks up the flow of the tie's pattern. (Even my eight-year-old daughter thinks so; once when I was wearing the tie bar, she said, "What's that line on your tie?" I told her it was a tie bar, to keep the tail end hidden. She replied, "It looks...bad." Exactly.) But last night, I chanced across a solution in the form of this seemingly worthless piece of packaging material:

I found it in my room; it's a plastic clip from a new dress shirt, one that holds the shirt onto the cardboard. Or it might be the clip that holds the front of a pair of pants together in the store. Anyway, the seam of the back of a tie has widely-spaced stitches, so it's no problem to slip the longer end of the clip underneath the seam, then the tail end of the tie will slide right in. It's on the tie in the picture; you can't tell, can you? And it stayed in place all day! Hallelujah! So next time you get a new shirt or pair of pants, keep the clip, it could come in handy. (I have several ties missing a keeper, and for the blog I've been cheating: Mrs. Veneer takes the picture, then I put on the bar and go to work. But no more!)

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Anonymous said...

Genius! We're definetly going to start doing that with my husband's ties!