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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Flat bottomed ties...

You make the rockin' world go round. (Determining the source of that slightly off-color reference will be left as an exercise to the reader.) Rooster is another vintage brand with great name recognition (see also Wembley), its claim to fame being popularizing the square-tipped tie in the 1960s. Most of them were skinny and made of cotton; while this is cotton too, at about three inches wide it has more timeless dimensions. I'll describe the pattern as an abstract expressionist batik mosaic, if there are no objections. The Rooster brand is still around, and available online through Boardroom Ties in patterns that largely ignore the marque's storied past. Square-tipped ties are still around too, but they are mostly solid-colored knit ties, whose method of construction necessitates a square end. (Occasionally a designer will make a real statement with a flat-bottomed tie, I had a fantastic psychedelic floral by Alexander Shields, if I still have a picture of it I'll post it someday because it is guaranteed to make you smile.)

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