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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pucci, sort of

Yesterday I wore a Leonard-inspired tie, so today I chose a Pucci-inspired tie to continue in the "influenced by" vein. The bold color contrasts and intense angles of the patterns in the various "windows" of this tie would simply not have existed without Emilio Pucci's pioneering explorations of line and color; and the oval grids (one at each edge) are straight out of Pucci's repertoire. Even so, this tie does not achieve the same panache and unlikely balance as a genuine Pucci; Pucci himself was a true artist with a singular talent, often imitated but never duplicated, as the cliché goes. I can't attribute this tie, as it has no labels left on it. It is extra long (60+ inches), but I am not extra tall, a discrepancy easily resolvable by tying a Full Windsor knot. (If a Full Windsor still leaves the tie too long, give it one more wraparound before tucking the blade through the knot.)

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