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Saturday, February 25, 2006

J. Blades

I call this style of tie "heavy scribbles:" scribbles because that's what the lines resemble, and heavy because it evokes the work of Modern sculptors such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth (sculptures being heavy). The tie is by J. Blades and Co., about which I can find nothing except a page of deco nightmares for sale at ABC Neckties.

In a first, I'm including a picture of a tieless shirt as well. Mrs. Veneer and I took our three older kids to see Duncan Sheik at the Birchmere tonight. While I've worn a tie to a concert before, this one would include dinner, so I changed into a casual shirt after work. It's one of the saucy Kenneth Cole shirts I mentioned a few days ago. Wouldn't that make a great tie? The concert was marvelous, slightly marred by a woman at the next table who thought that we had all come to hear her repartee; on the plus side, she did badger Duncan into playing the rarely-performed "Serena," which was nice. We took the kids to meet him after the show, and they were very impressed, so much so that they've been listening to Duncan's CDs instead of Green Day since then (thank goodness!). He's such a great guy!

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