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Friday, February 17, 2006

And a-one, and a-two...

What do they call those people who follow musicians around? No, not groupies... Drummers! Ouch! Drummers are much maligned, inspiring page upon page of drummer jokes, such as this one and this one. But of course players of any musical instrument have their own foibles to be made fun of, as on this all-instrument jokes page. All of which is just a roundabout way of getting to, look at all the drummers on this tie! It's a classic drummer silhouette, with a basic drum kit and sticks in the air. He has short hair and appears to be wearing a suit, he's probably a drummer in a swing band. The tie has a very busy jacquard weave and is by Bagutta of Italy, or so the label says.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool tie! I'd say maybe jazz drummer. :)