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Monday, January 02, 2006

Newsflash! Another tie blog!

I am delighted to report that another tie blog has come online! Michael Segers of Lakeland, Florida, has just started blogging his daily neckties at Knot a Blog, providing commentary that is informative, thoughtful, and at times deeply personal. In his first post he very eloquently expounds his interest in neckties, putting into words feelings that are quite similar to my own. Best of all, he has some great ties! While my vintage tie selection only goes back to 1960 or so, Michael has ties from the fabulous forties, considered by many to be the Golden Age of neckties. And if this is the Herm├Ęs of tie blogs (as the kind Mr. S. flatters me in his links sidebar), then Knot a Blog appears set to be the Ferragamo: equally prized, often preferred. I salute Mr. Segers, and all who embrace and promote Necktie Culture!


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Mr. V. -

Imagine my surprise today, when I checked on what you are wearing and writing about... to find you were writing about me!

Thanks for the remarks. Doggone it, but really good people wear ties, don't they?


Burl Veneer said...


You are quite welcome. I agree that "necktie boosters" are special people. Blog on!