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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh, well, a touch of grey...

Kind of suits you anyway. (Yeah, Grateful Dead. True Deadheads turn up their noses at the band's hit single efforts, but I've always enjoyed them: "Touch of Grey," "Alabama Getaway," "Shakedown Street"... That's all that come to mind right now, but they're real toe-tappers.) It seems like just a couple weeks ago that I was heaping scorn on gray, and here I am today in gray from head to foot. (Literally! I wear a gray hat outside, and I wore gray socks.) I just can't stay mad that long. It helps that Cosette of Austin, Texas, has imbued this gray hand-marbled tie with a sense of mystery, with two layers of marbling and faint wisps of brighter colors mixed in among the murk. And no, nobody splattered glue on it, be nice!

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