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Friday, January 27, 2006

Todd Oldham

I know what you're thinking: "Oh no you di'ent wear that tie with that shirt!" Oh yes I did. And no one said a word. Either they're used to it by now, or they thought I must have finally snapped. Sometime during his tenure as a high-end fashion designer and MTV style guru, Texas-born Todd Oldham managed to put out a line of neckties as well. I've only ever seen two of them, and they both exhibit a near-flawless melding of retro and contemporary design influences. This example hearkens back to 1970-ish "kitchen-sink" scarf designs, but avoids the baroque intricacies that I feel mar so many of those period pieces. Oldham has forsaken fashion design for interior design, bringing mid-century modern to the masses through DIY books and his line of furniture and accessories for La-Z-Boy. He may even be La-Z-Boy's savior, having found a way to make their furniture appeal to the under-50 demographic. In fact, his line is so successful that an entire Todd Oldham by La-Z-Boy store has just opened in New York. The furniture looks great, but won't work in my house; having four kids dictates super-durable (and heavy) This End Up furniture, beside which Oldham's line is positively dainty.


VintageGent said...

That's a great one. I would frame it if you decided not to wear it anymore.

Burl Veneer said...

Yeah, I think that's going to be keeper. Todd Oldham ties are apparently not "collectible" (yet), even though they should be.