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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boy Blue

(E.L.O., of course.) I've always wondered why blue is supposed to be the color of sadness, when it's such a beautiful color. How can one be sad while regarding the blue of lapis lazuli, or the ocean, or the sky on a glorious high-pressure day, or the various blues of this Maison Imperial tie from France (whose broad brushstrokes may resolve into a floral pattern when seen from afar)? I nominate gray as the color of sadness. Being a blend of all the colors of the visible spectrum, it has the vibrancy of none of them, nor does it have the conviction to be either black or white. It is the color of rainy days and dust. I don't get the blues, I get the grays. But not today!

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Kate said...

I love your TieBlog. You have found some of the most fantastic ties in the world. I would love to get my paintbrushes on them.
These are my Tie Paintings. All of the originate with a REAL tie.