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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pucci Pucci Poo

Here is a better example of an Emilio Pucci tie than the first one I displayed, which was a corporate design for Pistons Asso. Pucci designed a line of ties for Saks Fifth Avenue (this is one of them), which are easily identified as Puccis by the labelling (the Emilio signature repeats in the tipping, and an Emilio Pucci label on the tail end) and the Emilio signature that repeats throughout the design itself: there's only one on the front (in a green square on the right--that's your right, my left), but they're all over the back. This necktie incorporates the brilliant colors typical of Pucci's best-loved work, but the grid pattern is still more subdued than his trademark sinuous lines and shapes. It also illustrates the difficulty in transforming a pattern designed for a scarf (a big square) into a necktie (a narrow strip): the border, which would run all the way around the scarf, is limited here to a cameo appearance at the bottom of the tie. Also, the scarf from which this tie was made has a contrasting pattern in the middle. Normally that would not show up on the tie at all, but in this case the fabric was very carefully aligned and cut so that the central pattern gets to show, just a little bit, on the outside of the knot. Bravo! I have a few more Puccis in store, so check back!

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