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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pauline Trigere

This week's ties have been heavy on the red scale, so I decided to mitigate the reds today with a cream and marine blue vintage number from Pauline Trigere (1909-2002). Pauline Trigere was born in Paris to Russian Jewish parents, and was assisting in the family business as a seamstress by the age of ten. In 1937 she emigrated to New York and began working in the fashion industry; in 1945 she debuted her own line. She became a very successful designer, winning many major awards (including the French Legion of Honor) and being inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame. The information I have found contains no references to menswear; I imagine her neckties were an outgrowth of her women's scarf designs. Like last week's Tutto Uomo tie, this one starts with a very basic pattern--two colors of stripes overlaid with hollow circles--then tweaks the basics (making the lines wavy, varying the size and spacing of the circles) to heighten the visual appeal. Outtasight! Pauline Trigere's complete fashion sketchbooks from 1944-1994 (and several garments) are now in the collection of The Fashion School at Kent State University, where many are available for online viewing.

So much for 2005. After a week off of work, I am looking forward to wearing ties again, starting Tuesday! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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