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Friday, December 16, 2005

Georgina von Etzdorf

If "Tino Cosma" is the coolest men's name in neckwear, then Georgina von Etzdorf is a strong candidate for the female title. The British von Etzdorf is an alumna of the Camberwell College of the Arts, and founded her textile firm with two associates in 1978. Their textile workshop building in Salisbury, a reconstructed antique barn, has won awards for innovative construction and renovation. Von Etzdorf was elected to the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry in 1995, which entitles her to add "RDI" after her name. On a personal note, she likes to eat fried quail's eggs with serrano ham. (That sounds good to me, but the local supermarket doesn't stock quail's eggs, yet.)

Georgina von Etzdorf fabrics are invariably praised for their "sensuality," which I think means that they drape well and have exceptional printed patterns and/or fancy weaves. I'm quite happy with this tie, with its colorful polka dots and swirls and multipatterned jacquard weave, but it's marred by that bane of necktie collectors, the pulled thread. Silk is so fine that if it gets snagged, a thread will pull right out. All it takes is a fingernail (and just try to put on a tie without touching it with your fingernails!), and zoop--pulled thread! Sometimes it's not noticeable, but when there is a lot of contrast between the thread color and the print color (or, in the case of a woven pattern, between the threads themselves), the absence of a single thread can be glaring. This tie has two long threads missing, forming a giant X across the middle of the tie. It's too fine to show up in the photo, though, and maybe too fine for anyone else to notice in person. I'm very picky, apparently (according to a certain Mrs. V.). This tie was made in England, but the latest batch of Georgina von Etzdorf ties was made in Italy. I don't know if that says anything about the state of British manufacturing, but it seems vaguely forboding.

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