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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Happy Goth

Here's another tie by Claude Montana, featuring some green flowers and a seemingly-random orange flourish. But it's the background that is most intriguing: it looks sort of like batik, but not quite; sort of like raku, but that's a pottery finish that I don't think translates to silk; and sort of like cobwebs. (Cobwebs + bright flowers = The Happy Goth.) (Yes, that's another Divine Comedy reference.) I'm guessing it was produced using a photographic process, but that's as close as I can figure. Whatever the method, the result is a necktie unlike any other I've seen, and a worthy addition to the tie blog.


Kim Kash said...

Mr. Veneer,

It appears that you often wear suspenders, too. I wonder if you have plans for discussion and analysis of those in the future.

I enjoy your commentary. Thank you!

Kim Kash

Burl Veneer said...

Dear Kim,

Once upon a time I did wear suspenders, but I don't any more. What you are seeing at the far reaches of the photos is actually the edges of my jackets. If I do happen across a fantastic pair of suspenders, though, I will certainly show them off here. Thanks for stopping by!