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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Where does Burl Veneer get such a glorious array of ties? Ebay, mostly. One of my favorite eBay vendors is the Modaitalia Store, in Italy. They have an amazing assortment of ties (mill surplus? store deadstock? probably both), with about 300 up for auction at any given time, most of them starting at just 99 cents! With such a low starting price it doesn't pay to add gallery pictures, so you have to look at each auction to see the tie, and most of them are rather plain, but there are enough imaginative ones to go on a shopping spree. Shipping is reasonably priced, and if you buy ten or more ties the shipping is free (if you don't mind surface mail, which takes a month or so). There are many premium ties available as well for $9.99 and up, with gallery pictures for easy browsing. Sometimes a tie doesn't have a maker label, in which case it is listed as a "Modaitalia tie," like this splendid modern-art fantasia. If I knew the maker I would add it to my Favorite Searches list in a flash; as it is, I'll just keep combing the Modaitalia listings, searching for more.

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